5 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Presence… That Actually Work

Tabitha Jean Naylor
6 min readOct 3

Social media is both a science and an art. The art is the ethos and spirit of your brand. It’s your job to bring that to the table.

Today, I want to look at the more practical things you can include in your content marketing strategy to grow your social media presence.

We’re going to look at how SEO, consistency, authoritative content and getting offline can help you grow your social media channels.

Optimize Your Profiles for Search

Visibility is key to growing on social media. Search engines almost entirely control how visible your content is. One of the most common ways to make social media content searchable is to use hashtags.

That said, long gone are the days of flooding your post with generic hashtags in order to get traction and engagement.

The trick with hashtags is to narrow down the niche of the hashtag as much as possible.

The lower the volume of people using the hashtag, the more your content will show up in top searches and receive engagement.

What about optimizing for search engines?

  • Use the same profile picture and brand graphics across all social media channels. Don’t forget to size them up or down accordingly so that they’re not blurry or truncated.
  • Google loves backlinks. By creating valuable content that people want to share and link to, you’re creating backlinks and telling search engines you’re worth ranking well. Another way to do this is to outreach content to key influencers in your niche.
  • Serve informational as well as transactional content. Your audience will go to you as they gather information in their buying journey. Search engines love a good mix of content and prioritize user satisfaction while ranking.

Diversify With Industry-Adjacent Content

No-one loves a self-obsessed person who can’t stop talking about themselves. This is a hidden pitfall for businesses on social…

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