In marketing, there are many tools at your disposal in order to convey a message that resonates with your audience. With technology at its all-time high and innovation second to none, the best tool one could leverage to market to their audience is video.

In order to maximize the reach of your campaign, it’s essential to utilize video in your marketing strategy. …

Currently, more than 316 billion emails are estimated to be sent out daily. Regardless of the industry you’re in or what type of business you run, email continues to be one of the most cost-effective methods in marketing. It offers good ROI and incredible reach.

Nevertheless, that’s only true if your emails aren’t going directly into someone’s trash bin, getting marked as spam, or blocked. This is why it’s important to always be up to date on industry best practices, which can help you avoid making crucial email mistakes.

The 5 Biggest Email Marketing Mistakes

There’s a finite opportunity for building an email relationship with your…

The first quarter of 2020 brought us an unprecedented situation with a global pandemic that shut down parts of the country and created economic uncertainty and record unemployment. For a lot of businesses, that meant taking a new approach to marketing.

Now, more than eight months into the pandemic, the road ahead is clearer than it was then. With multiple new vaccines announced and an end in sight, we still have a rough road ahead in many ways.

So… the big questions are:

● What will businesses be doing to get back on track?

● What will the new normal…

Even though it has now been around for decades, email marketing is still one of the least expensive, most effective forms of digital marketing. That’s good news because it means you can connect with your target audience without breaking the bank.

You already know the basics of email marketing, but you may not know how to get the most for your email marketing investment. Here are tips from email marketing pros to help you.

Maintain Your List

Email list hygiene is a must if you want to avoid wasting money. Some people aren’t going to open your emails. Others may abandon email addresses…

The world of social media marketing is noisy these days. Getting your content to the people who are most likely to buy your products or use your services is akin to trying to flag down a car going 90 miles an hour on a six-lane highway — when you’re in a building on the side of the road. It’s tough going.

The only way to succeed is to make sure that your social media posts stand out in a crowded playing field. …

We all know that content marketing is the name of the game for businesses large and small. Content is king and all that. But how does a small business create enough good content to reach their marketing goals? That’s the question.

The answer, as it turns out, is easy. All you need is a primer with ideas that you can use in multiple ways to create content. That’s what I’ll do here — break down simple content ideas that you can use (and reuse) to grow your business.


Let’s start with content that comes from a section you probably already…

Geofencing is one of those things that can sound intimidating if you don’t understand it. That happens with any new technology. It’s unknown and sounds vaguely expensive, and you might think that you need a lot of experience to figure out how to incorporate it into your marketing.

I get it. But geofencing is a strategy that I think small business owners should be using — and you can’t use it if you don’t understand how it works and have resources to help you implement it.

With that in mind, here’s the breakdown of what geofencing is, how people use…

Everybody who hasn’t been in a cryogenic state for the past couple of years has heard about TikTok. It’s the newest social media platform where users create and share 15-second videos known as TikToks. While a lot of the content includes lip synching or dancing, more local businesses who target young audiences are turning to TikTok as a way of connecting with potential customers.

You might be thinking, great — how do I do that? I know nothing about TikTok! Not to worry. …

I’m willing to bet you already know a lot about Facebook ads. Facebook is still the most widely used social media platform with 2.54 billion active daily users as of the third quarter of 2020. Because of Facebook’s algorithm, non-paid content from family and friends are given priority in users’ feeds, making Facebook advertising a must for local businesses.

The good news is that it’s easy to use Facebook ads to drive traffic to your website and increase conversions. The key is choosing the right objective and then designing an ad that will help you to accomplish it. …

It’s a new year and most of us are happy to be leaving 2020 in the rearview mirror. It was a tough year at almost every level and marketing is no exception.

2021 promises to be challenging as well, but we hope that also means an eventual return to something that feels like the old normal as vaccines are distributed and society recovers and reopens. There’s no shortage of marketing tools that can help you navigate whatever lies ahead. Here are 10 that we’re grateful to have.

#1: Clickflow

If you’ve ever spent time and money designing a landing page, an opt-in…

Tabitha Jean Naylor

Seasoned sales and marketing pro. Owner of Founder of Sucker for dogs.

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