A Foolproof Guide to the Role of Colors in Generational Marketing

Tabitha Jean Naylor
5 min readSep 18

Meta Description — Learn color preferences across the different generations and how to use them to better connect with your audience.

Your brand color can make or break your marketing campaigns. Yes, your customers make buying decisions based on your brand’s color(s). This is not a conscious decision but is based on a simple concept called color psychology.

Different colors create different emotions, perceptions, and behaviors from individuals. For example, blue instills trust and reliability and is often viewed as a calm and analytical color. Red, on the other hand, elicits feelings of excitement, passion and energy.

The right color choice will create the right emotions before they read or hear the ad’s content, regardless of whether it’s a physical or digital product.

What’s more, recent studies have found that different generations react very differently to various color choices. It’s vital to use the right colors for the right audience.

Whether you are targeting Baby Boomers, Millennials, or Gen Zs, this article explores the subtle nuances of color so that you can connect with your target audience on a much deeper level.

Baby Boomers Tend to Prefer Neutral, Earthy, and Corporate Tones

Baby Boomers, also known as “Boomers,” were born between 1946 and 1964. This generation of consumers prefers more traditional colors when making their purchasing decisions.

According to NASDAQ, Baby Boomers own almost 50% of the United States’ wealth, a market that most businesses — perhaps yours included — cannot afford to ignore.

Baby boomers have an eye for muted and calm earthy tones like:

  • Beige
  • Brown
  • Volcanic ash gray
  • Forest green

So, why do psychologists think Baby Boomers prefer these muted neutral colors?

Because they are traditionally associated with comfort, stability, and reliability, all of which are values that Baby Boomers hold near and dear to their hearts.

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