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  • Dave Fisher

    Dave Fisher

    Innovation consultant, like for intelligent laziness, unrelated to being a husband and servant to my two boys... Opinions are my own

  • Matthew Horwitz

    Matthew Horwitz

  • Mary Agnes Vetell Antonopoulos

    Mary Agnes Vetell Antonopoulos

  • Jon Clark

    Jon Clark

    Digital Marketer, Entrepreneur & Blogger. Founder of @FuzeSEO and @NomadCoffeeClub. Contributor @SEJournal and @Forbes.

  • Barry Feldman

    Barry Feldman

    copywriter ♪ creative director ♪ content marketing consultant www.feldmancreative.com

  • mmoalem


    Executive: Global Sales - Marketing - Alliances, Driving Mutually Beneficial Revenue for Everyone!!

  • Michael VanDervort

    Michael VanDervort

    Purveyor of information on HR, labor relations and social media. I also walk dogs and travel the globe. Feel free to ask.

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