The Top 3 Reasons You Should Be Using Chatbots for Sales and Marketing

Tabitha Jean Naylor
5 min readSep 20

When you mention chatbots, the first thing that springs to mind is effective customer service. Waiting to get service has always been irksome, but with the growth of eCommerce customers have come to expect 24/7 connectivity and assistance — hence the need for chatbots.

In fact, according to a Userlike survey, customers’ favorite things about chatbots is their quick response and availability outside normal working hours.

Customer service aside, did you know that chatbots can benefit your business beyond improving customer satisfaction?

Specifically, I want to get into how chatbots can help your business implement your sales and marketing strategy.

Over 50% of executives agree that bots deliver significant return on investment and improve customer acquisition and retention

How can chatbots supplement your daily activities to reach, engage, and convert target prospects into profitable customers?

1 — Automate Lead Generation

Picture landing on a website. Instead of an annoying spammy pop-up asking for your precious email address, you get a conversational chat bubble welcoming you and offering to help you find the information you need.

Check out the engaging example below.

Lead generation is identifying people who may be interested in buying your product, capturing their interest and engaging with them.

In this initial phase of the buyer’s journey, information is what they’re after. Providing information on your product and pricing is straightforward and therefore perfect for automation.

You don’t really need the human input at this stage. But you can simulate human conversation with conversational chatbots.

Tabitha Jean Naylor

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