Why Your Business Needs a Content Calendar

Tabitha Jean Naylor
6 min readSep 12, 2023

Social media can sometimes feel like a shot in the dark for local business owners — believe us, we know. Although content marketing sometimes feels overwhelming, it is one of the most accessible tools for local businesses to promote products and services to an online audience.

Nowadays, people are more likely than ever before to find your business through social media channels. So, before they even see your website, they’re experiencing your brand on social media. Think of your content marketing as a virtual storefront for your business, giving your customers an online experience of your local storefront.

But in addition to running a business, the upkeep of a virtual storefront can be just as exhausting. The time, resources, mental willpower, to do content marketing can take up a big portion of your day, every day. But wait… There is a solution!

Developing a content calendar to implement your content strategy will completely revolutionize your approach to online marketing.

What Is a Content Calendar?

Your content includes anything from images, videos, stories, emails, blogs, and ads that you share online to build your virtual storefront. A content calendar takes all these essential elements of your engagement and transforms them into a calendar that…